About us

About Us

Melissa's Menagerie provides daycare, boarding, In-Home Pet Sitting, Daily Dog Walks, Pet Taxi services and customized pet care.

Services are customized to our Clients and pets needs to maximize comfort and minimize stress or anxiety. Pet schedules, routines and house duties are maintained and followed.

Melissa's Menagerie is locally owned & operated.

Open year round (including all major holidays).

We are a member and insured through Pet sitters association.

Our Staff


Melissa Kreisler
Founder - Owner


Caylie Colombo
General Manager



Kersten Peck
Assistant Manager


About Daycare

Bringing your dog to daycare is a great way for them to get socialization, fun, and exercise without you freezing at the dog park. Dogs run and play all day in our indoor/outdoor playrooms. Plus, no more feeling guilty about working long days or going out after work.

Benefits of Daycare

Reduce or Eliminate Unwanted Behavior

  • Destructive chewing, barking, digging, and house soiling are often the result of boredom, under-stimulation or lack of exercise. Melissa's Menagerie provides your dog with the exercise and stimulation they need to keep your couch, rugs, and garden safe.



  • Dogs are pack animals; therefore, being alone can be distressing. In fact, many wild dogs go their whole lives without spending a minute alone! At Melissa's Menagerie your pooch will enjoy romping and playing with his pals and the doting staff all day long.



  • Your dog will spend the day running in our indoor and outdoor play areas, playing with toys, and wrestling with their friends.

Improved Confidence

  • Daycare is a great way for fearful dogs to build confidence around other dogs and people. Melissa's Menagerie has years of expertise and will be a great help to your dog in gaining a better quality of life through building confidence.

And most of all…because it’s FUN!